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UAG Gallery Show + From September 2nd, 2011 through September 23rd, 2011

Location: UAG Gallery
247 Lark Street
Albany NY 12210

Sorry, registration for this event has passed, however, you can still view the call for art in PDF format here. (505.60KB)

Download Flier: PDF Format (408.57KB)

Urban Dictionary defines smAlbany as the capital of New York, so named because of its diminutive size, especially compared to New York City. I guess this smallness is what contributes to a frequent occurrence around the area in which you inevitably see someone you know everywhere you go. I have often been out with friends and we?ll run into a random person that we know but were never expecting to see. A typical response to this type of situation is to brush it off and say, ?That?s smAlbany!?

Albany has all the right ingredients for the smAlbany effect to take place. It?s a small enough city in both population and geographic size so that people feel like a part of the community and often frequent the same restaurants, bars, and stores, but it?s also big enough that it?s a surprise to come across certain people, and they can catch you off-guard. Other cities of similar size have been known to experience the smAlbany effect as well, but they have yet to personalize this phenomenon and continue to say, ?It?s a small world,? in response to these situations.

UAG presents smAlbany, an exhibition of artwork inspired by the city of Albany, NY, with featured artist Pilar Arthur-Snead, and side room artist, Lorenz Worden.

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