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Call for Art
Download, print out, and mail in a call for art for our upcoming shows. Each call contains all relevant instructions, dates, and information for that show. We accept artwork submissions in digital form (CD or via email), printed versions, or photos. Note that we do not accept slides. All submissions must be accompanied by a signed and completed call for art submission form and payment.

If you have your submission files ready you can submit online now. Once you have completed the submission form and uploaded your files you can send your payment check to the gallery or send in your payment via PayPal.

+ In Your Face!
Opens November 4th
Call for art due by October 24th, 2016
Submit Online
Download PDF (185.94KB)
+ UAG Marketplace
Opens December 2nd
Call for art due by November 27th, 2016
Submit Online
Download PDF (229.69KB)

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Make a tax-deductible donation to the Upstate Artists Guild.
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The Star
The Star
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