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UAG Gallery Show + From October 7th, 2011 through October 28th, 2011

Location: UAG Gallery
247 Lark Street
Albany NY 12210

Sorry, registration for this event has passed, however, you can still view the call for art in PDF format here. (503.70KB)

Download Flier: PDF Format (179.97KB)

Purple is associated with mystery, magic, and royalty. The color, which also evokes spirituality, peace, and romance was favored by Egypt?s most famous queen, Cleopatra.

Purple contains an intriguing duality and power as it is created by mixing red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors on the color wheel. Consequently, it is believed to be the ideal color. It is an artistic color as well and is conducive to creativity.

Ultraviolet is so named because it is just beyond violet on the spectrum, but is unfortunately invisible to the human eye. Luckily, violet and all of it?s related shades are visible, because without them life as we know it would be altered. What color would eggplants, irises, and amethysts be? What color would compliment yellow? The idea of a world without purple raises many questions, I?m just glad that we don?t have to answer them! Would Barney be the same if he wasn?t purple?

UAG presents Ultraviolet, our annual color show, featuring artwork inspired by the color purple.

Featured Artist Room: "Connenctions" by
Joshua Wojnas & Walter Wadas Jr

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