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Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008
UAG Special Event + On April 24th, 2008, from 5:00 to 10:00PM

Location: Envy Lounge
99 Pine Street
Albany NY 12207

Sorry, registration for this event has passed, however, you can still view the call for art in PDF format here. (83.90KB)

Photo Gallery: View here

The Upstate Artists Guild is proud to invite you to participate in a Silent Auction to benefit the UAG at the Envy Lounge.

Eligibility: Open to all Upstate artists. All media is permitted. Work must be able to be hand-delivered and picked up on the dates specified (if not sold). Interested artists please see the Call for Art, above.

5pm Doors Open: Guests will be asked to donate a sliding entry fee from ten to twenty dollars. Those planning to bid on work will fill out an info sheet and receive a bidding number.

5pm to 7pm: DJ Chris Catalina will provide down tempo house music. Finger food, tapas and carving stations will be offered by the chef of Envy. Affordable drink specials on martinis and pints of beer. Artwork will be displayed throughout the venue on both pedestals and hanging on the walls.

7pm to 10pm: Cirque de la Nocturne performance includes classical ballet, Arabic belly dancer, tango dancers, gymnastics and a burlesque performance.

9pm: Close of bidding.

9:15pm: Purchasing of artwork sold.

10pm: You are welcome to stay and dance as Envy transforms into a night club.

Purchase Artwork from local artists and support Upstate Artists Guild.
Cirque de la Nocturne and COSMOs & PINTs will be hosting a silent auction of artwork created by local artists of the Upstate Artist Guild. This will occur Thursday, April 24th from 5pm till 9pm at the Envy Lounge. The proceeds from this event will be given to the Upstate Artist Guild so that they may continue to hold ongoing art exhibitions, offer classes and general support for the local artists of Albany and its neighboring Upstate communities.

Upstate Artist Guild
The UAG is a not-for-profit volunteer organization, open to all, which promotes the appreciation, practice, and enjoyment of art. Their mission is to promote art education and artistic endeavors throughout the community; to maintain a space in which to meet for the purpose of exhibitions, lectures, and instruction; and to work with the community to stimulate an interest in the arts.

COSMOs & PINTs TM are social events where professionals get together for: the 3 C's - Cocktails, Conversation and Connections. The events have taken place at the Lion Heart Pub and Noches. This is the first event at Envy Lounge and it will be the first art auction for COSMOs & PINTs. The group headed by Sunny Narang is no stranger to fund raising. Their past events have raised money for causes like MS and holiday toy drives for church groups. It is an altruistic networking event to promote opportunity for aspiring professionals.

Cirque de la Nocturne
The beautiful and talented performers of Cirque de la Nocturne will enamour the audience at 8 pm beginning with a classical ballet performance by Emma Nagasawa. Following Miss Nagasawa?s lovely ballet is the dynamic Arabic belly dancing of Emily Krontiris. After Emily, Albany?s own beautiful and beguiling Larissa Diaz will treat us to a classy and luscious burlesque performance. She is in the true spirit of burlesque fashion and style. Cirque de la Nocturne has been doing their shows/dance parties since September, 2007 at Envy Lounge and the Ballroom of the Steuben Club above Pearl Restaurant and Lounge. The founder James Rose, returning to Upstate, is using his eleven years experience in the San Francisco nightlife and creative abilities as an artist himself to form these events.

Photo Gallery:
Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008 Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008 Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008 Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008 Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008 Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008 Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008 Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008
Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008 Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008 Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008

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Silent Auction at Envy Lounge, April 2008
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