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Outside The Line
UAG Gallery Show + From October 3rd, 2014 through October 24th, 2014

Location: UAG Gallery
247 Lark Street
Albany NY 12210

Sorry, registration for this event has passed, however, you can still view the call for art in PDF format here. (220.58KB)

Download Flier: PDF Format (1.44MB)

What do you see when you dream? What do you see after looking at the stars and then closing your eyes? What color is Saturday? What does music look like to your ears? What does a landscape sound like? What is in the negative space between what you are looking at? Who were you yesterday as opposed to tomorrow? These are the kinds of questions that artists have dared to ask. And their answers can often be seen through abstract art. It is artists who have dared to express the inexpressible in a visual way. Abstract art and personal discovery is often the result of such creative bold thinking.

Abstract art is something personal for the artist. It shows how we each see the world in our own unique way. Even though we can all agree on basic objects, shapes and colors, these representations mean something different for each of us. Seeing and thinking outside the conventional norm is something that many artists and creative people thrive on. Expressing how we feel is not always easy, however. It’s a good thing abstract art can help us express ourselves to the world. Visit the UAG this month to see these abstractions come to life.

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