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Occupy UAG
UAG Gallery Show + From January 6th, 2012 through January 27th, 2012

Location: UAG Gallery
247 Lark Street
Albany NY 12210

Sorry, registration for this event has passed, however, you can still view the call for art in PDF format here. (161.19KB)

Download Flier: PDF Format (109.48KB)

Sometimes a cutting, snarky, anonymous blog comment is not enough to get your point across. Sometimes?maybe after losing your job or your home, or having huge student loans with zero prospects?sometimes it hits you that much more than a useless letter to Congress is needed. After the American dream soured and the banks were bailed out by the Fed, people got angry and stayed angry. A brave few started the movement by setting up shop blocks away from the nexus of U.S. finance and capitalism?Wall Street. Unemployment is high and people have a lot of free time on their hands so the idea spread fast. People know how to protest here in the U.S. It?s the very spirit with which this country was founded, and our right to gather and protest is protected by the Constitution. Push us too far and we will push back. And what better way to do it than with a good old sit-in style protest. The suits hate it and that is pretty much the point. It's hard to ignore a smelly, stinky, tent city set up in a park where they normally get their morning bagel and coffee. Now the occupy movement has spread to many cities, and love 'em or hate 'em, these citizens cannot be ignored. They are now a part of history. Here at the UAG we are drawing a sharp focus on what is sure to be remembered in the textbooks. One day you might even be telling your kids about how you were there. Occupy the UAG is here to camp out for the month.

The Upstate Artists Guild is proud to present The OCCUPY UAG Show, featuring art of any genre or medium and artwork inspired by the OCCUPY Movement

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Occupy UAG
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Keira Lemonis