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John Yost Movie Screening
UAG Sponsored Event + On December 7th, 2007, from 9:00 to 10:30PM

Location: UAG Gallery
247 Lark Street
Albany NY 12210

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Capital Region, November 9th, 2007 -- Upstate New York filmmaker John W. Yost is screening his recently completed first feature film EVERY GOOD THING to RUST at six local venues in order to raise money for charity. ?The film is about basic survival in a time of catastrophe; it only makes sense to screen it for a charity that helps people in the Capital Region survive personal tragedy.?

After a promotional teaser at Troy Night Out later this month, the film will be shown at places as diverse as Upstate Artists Guild (UAG) in Albany, the Saratoga Film Forum, and the Crooked Lake House in Averill Park, where part of the film was shot.


The Homeless and Travelers Aid Society (HATAS) is a local organization that has been helping the poor, the homeless, and others in need since 1924. Each year, HATAS helps thousands in our community survive everything from domestic abuse to mental illness. The film?s message of survival and independence is in sync with HATAS? mission, which is why Yost is donating 100% of the proceeds from all screenings to the local organization.

EVERY GOOD THING to RUST is a dark, eerie portrait of societal meltdown that questions the loyalties of friendship and challenges any illusions of safety and order. Quiet, sincere, and beautifully shot, EVERY GOOD THING to RUST is a stirring and meditative outlook on the degeneration of American culture.

For more information, please contact John Yost at (518) 832-6716 or Images and charity promotions are available upon request.

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John Yost Movie Screening John Yost Movie Screening

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John Yost Movie Screening
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