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Book Signing: The Net Calorie Diet
UAG Special Event + On January 2nd, 2009, from 6:00 to 9:00PM

Location: UAG Gallery
247 Lark Street
Albany NY 12210

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Come celebrate National Diet Day at the UAG on Jan 2nd from 6-9, where Author Donna Masters will be signing her new book The Net Calorie Diet, where every purchase of the book helps raise funds for the gallery. The book provides a solution for your weight loss resolution. You will have an opportunity to test your diet IQ and receive a free body fat analysis. You may also sign up to receive a free copy of her newsletter and submit a question to be published in her news column Diet Smarts!

The Net Calorie Diet
A Scientific Approach to Weight Loss

By Donna Masters, B.S.Ch.E.
If you want to lose five pounds or one hundred pounds, The Net Calorie Diet is the perfect diet for you. This book is a voice in the wilderness of diets and will teach you, the curious, motivated, frustrated, or even apathetic dieter, how to really make sense of it all. The world?s first designer diet, The Net Calorie Diet will show you exactly how to become your own diet coach. Author Donna Masters gets inside the mind of a dieter and provides unique solutions in order to achieve successful weight loss. Her knowledge and insight will keep anyone interested in healthy living motivated for a lifetime.

Reading more like a diet novel than a typical weight loss book, you won?t want to put down The Net Calorie Diet until you?ve read every last witty tip Donna has to offer. You will smile, laugh, and rejoice as you discover the truth about dieting! And you won?t be alone. Donna will guide you every step of the way along your weight loss journey.

From the Great Metabolism Test to Your Diet Personality to how to handle every holiday on your calendar, The Net Calorie Diet is the first diet book that will invigorate you while showing you how to break the rules and lose weight at the same time! It doesn?t matter how old you are. Teenagers and adults will enjoy and successfully utilize this exciting new take on dieting in the twenty-first century. You?ll never be a Doomed Dieter again!

Donna Masters is the founder and owner of the Diet Research Clinic, where she has been successfully counseling on a one-on-one basis for twenty-two years. Donna is a living example of her revolutionary diet invention, which dieters across the country have coined "the equation for thinness." The net calorie is a scientific breakthrough that will change the way the world perceives dieting. Donna has combined her knowledge of science and the wisdom of her experience into an easy weight loss program that renders all other diets obsolete!

Find out more about the book online.

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Book Signing: The Net Calorie Diet Book Signing: The Net Calorie Diet Book Signing: The Net Calorie Diet

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Book Signing: The Net Calorie Diet
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