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ASAC Presents: LUCRE
ASAC Presents + On March 14th, 2010, from 8:00 to 11:00PM

Location: UAG Gallery
247 Lark Street
Albany NY 12210

LUCRE (Rawlings/Cogburn/Eubanks) + Jonathan Chen in Albany

Suggested donation of $5
247 Lark St.
Albany, NY

The Albany Sonic Arts Collective presents its latest concert of innovative performance with a program featuring Lucre, a improvising trio of Chris Cogburn, Bryan Eubanks, and Vic Rawlings. Jonathan Chen will also perform on electronics, viola and violin.

About Lucre
"various scrapings, bangings and silences so deep and wide you could steer a submarine through them. Rawlings [of Lucre] employs feedback circuitry and a lab assistant's attention to detail." - Keith Moline, The Wire

Working with exposed circuits, extended amplified cello, low-fi modular synthesis, and stripped down percussion, Lucre, the trio of Chris Cogburn (Austin, TX), Bryan Eubanks (Brooklyn, NY), and Vic Rawlings (Boston, MA), come together for the first time to de-velop their music for ten days in the Northeast. Long standing duo work exist between all three and the idea for a trio came about during a gathering of musicians in Seattle during August of 2009.

Vic Rawlings and Bryan Eubanks are familiar to Albany audiences through two previous Albany Sonic Arts appearances. Chris Cogburn is making his Capital District debut. Cogburn is based in Austin, TX where he presents the No Idea Festival, an annual gathering dedicated to improvised music.

More information about Lucre including photos and full artist biographies can be found at

About Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen will perform a solo set of music for electronics, viola and violin. The electronic work is created by producing feedback through a trumpet: a small micro-phone is positioned in place of the mouthpiece and a small speaker is set next to the bell. The feedback is altered by pressing or releasing the valves on the trumpet and by filtering the frequencies via equalization and volume control on both an amplifier and a mixer. The work for viola, entitled "de-clime" involves the use of a metal mute placed lightly on the bridge, coupled with bowing while changing pressure and speed. The re-sulting sounds include difference tones and beating as the pitches gradually move higher throughout the duration of the 15 minute work. The works for violin focus on tim-bre and pitch while employing extended techniques such as preparations, sub-tones, and micro-spiccatto. A wide variety of sounds are produced at dynamic extremes.

Born in 1974, Jonathan Chen is an improvisor, composer, and installation artist. His solo work has been presented in cities such as Atlanta, Beijing, Berlin, Chicago, Lon-don, Luzern, New York and more. As a collaborator, Chen has worked with Tatsu Aoki, Anthony Braxton, Gene Coleman, Nic Collins, Bill Dixon, Ensemble Noamnesia, Flux String Quartet, David Grubbs, Alvin Lucier, John Zorn (briefly) and many others, per-forming both in the U.S. and internationally. Chen received his MM in Violin Perform-ance from Northwestern University, his MA in Music Composition from Wesleyan Uni-versity, and is currently working on his PhD in Electronic Arts at RPI in Troy, NY.

More information about Jonathan Chen can be found at

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ASAC Presents: LUCRE
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