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Infinity & Beyond
UAG Gallery Show + From February 5th, 2010 through February 26th, 2010

Location: UAG Gallery
247 Lark Street
Albany NY 12210

Sorry, registration for this event has passed, however, you can still view the call for art in PDF format here. (181.45KB)

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Human kind has now dived to the ocean?s depths, orbited the planet, been to the moon, and sent satellites into orbit and into outer space. We have tapped atomic energy and detonated powerful bombs that have the potential to destroy all life on our planet. We now point a variety of telescopes into the far reaches of the universe and use technology to observe reactions between the smallest, almost infinitesimal particles. We use ray beams of light called lasers to explode sonic speed rockets from out of the sky. At home we have pocket phones with computers built into them more powerful that the ones used on the Apollo missions to the moon. Our televisions are now flat, our books in tablet form, and our cars will soon be able to run on electricity. Robots now aid and automate much of human life from vacuuming, to surgery, and manufacturing of goods and services. The blind and the deaf are now aided with technology and people who have lost body parts can be given robotic replacements. The list goes on and on. All of these now commonplace things share a common origin. Before they were a reality, or even could be attempted in any tangible way, they were all conceived and imagined as fantastical ideas in the minds of science fiction writers, artists, visionaries, and forward thinkers.

Albert Einstein himself was quoted as saying, ?The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.? Science fiction in all its forms is at its core about such imagination. Much of science fiction has been an inspiration to humankind. The creative people at the helm of this relatively new fantastical venue have used real science and what was possible at the time, or at least imagined as soon possible in the future, to extrapolate near infinite tales of humankind?s adventures into the outer reaches of the universe and beyond. What was fiction not too long ago is in many cases now a reality.

Science fiction has also been there to warn mankind of the Icarus-like dangers of tinkering with the mechanics behind this universe and taking humans to a dark place, a point of no return. Global wars, people?s impact on the earth?s environment, food production, renewable energy, and more are all problems facing us that have all not been solved as of yet. In some ways we may have used science to cause problems while in many ways we can use science to save us from catastrophe. Science and our understanding of its potentials, limitations and a happy middle hold the key to our continued survival on this planet.

Aside from much of what has come to pass from speculation, science fiction has also become the modern mythology and fables of our time. Everyone knows of Star Wars and Star Trek and the fantasy worlds they propel us into. Generations have already been touched and moved by these modern tales that have been imbued with myth and lore as old as human storytelling itself. We are now able to relate to our complex world, it?s dangers and potential through the modern science fiction we see as films, art, writing and more. Films such as The Terminator, The Matrix, and THX1138 point to our fears, while other films such as, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Star Trek point to humankind?s potential. Science fiction is about asking questions such as; what will become of us as we progress? What is the meaning of life? What are we capable of? What is our potential? What will we find out there in space?

UAG presents Infinity & Beyond, a show about science fiction.

Exhibiting Artists:
UAG Member Bob Anderson
Dave Geurin
David DiPasquale
UAG Associate Member Deborah Adams
UAG Member Gary Masline
UAG Member Jorge Diaz
Kevin Bruce
UAG Member Lorenz Worden
UAG Board Member Matt Ramsey
Michael Nero
UAG Associate Member Natalie Paquette
UAG Member Nina Stanley
Noelle MacGonigle
UAG Member Samuray Akarvardar
UAG Member Sarah Petrucci
UAG Board Member Thomas D'Ambrose
UAG Associate Member Tommy Watkins
UAG Board Member + Board Member     UAG Member + Member     UAG Associate Member + Associate Member

Photo Gallery:
Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond
Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond
Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond Infinity & Beyond

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Infinity & Beyond
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