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See What I'm Saying
UAG Gallery Show + From April 21st, 2006 through May 5th, 2006

Location: UAG Gallery
247 Lark Street
Albany NY 12210

Photo Gallery: View here

"See what I'm saying," he asked.? "It's all spokes of the same wheel ? poetry, painting dance, whatever.? It all comes from the same place."? She thought about it as she watched the parade of posing poets, punks and skate rats; suburban Rastas and Nubian queens; patchouli-dumping, candle burning Goth kids; crusties, bar-flies, witches, waifs and angels as they strutted, fretted their three minutes upon the stage. When her turn came, she looked at the pages of her notebook, as filled with drawings as they were with words and she read.? She read the words; read the drawings with her both her voice and her body as she declaimed from the battered portable podium.? That night, too wired to sleep, she attacked the canvas with her words within her, told the same story, sang the same song that sang through her, let her brushes dance a spastic ballet, her brushes fanned out in her hand like spokes from the hub of her heart.? She was not done until dawn cracked the seam between earth and night.? Later he brought her coffee and bagels.? She showed him her painting and she said, "See what I'm saying."

In celebration of National Poetry Month, Albany Poets is proud to present the 2006 Albany Word Fest featuring poetry, spoken word, music, and art. This year's event will take place on Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22, 2006 at the Lark Tavern, UAG Gallery, and Valentines in Albany.

Also, as a special bonus to the Word Fest this year, local poet and photographer Dan Wilcox will be showing work from the "world's largest collection of photos of unknown poets" at the UAG Gallery. This collection is a great look at past and present poets performing at the area's poetry readings, open mic, and events over the years. This will be the opening weekend where Dan will be joined by local poets/photographers Kristen Day and Dale Walker (aka Dain Brammage) in a special show entitled "See What I'm Saying" which will be on display until May 5.

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Exhibiting Artists:
Courtney Earnhart
Dain Brammage
UAG Associate Member Dan Wilcox
Joe Holander
UAG Associate Member John Weiler
Kristen Day
Marcus Anderson
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Photo Gallery:
See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying
See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying See What I'm Saying

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See What I'm Saying
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